Chiara Aliotta and Spiros Baras. Photo by Eutixia Sigala.

The Artists

Anyone who‘s met us can’t help but notice how different we are. But many agree that only from such different minds a project like The Pattern Tales could have emerged.

It was a sunny day in December 2015 when we decided to embark on The Pattern Tales adventure, together. It all began with the smell of the sea and the beautiful colours of Syros, the Greek island where we both live and create.

We are both hungry bibliophages*. So thinking to start a project about illustrating books seemed like a standard idea. When you look at our work you clearing see our different approach to life and art. It is exactly this personal interpretation that makes The Pattern Tales so engaging and unique.

Chiara Aliotta

Chiara loves authentic gothic stories and suspense like the ones narrated by Edgar Allan Poe. She is curious about people and places like Alice of Lewis Carroll’s book. But most of all, she embarks on new journeys without too much worrying like Ulysses in the book of Homer.

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Spiros Baras

Spiros loves metaphors and symbolism. Poems are his favourite. His reflective and calm personality perfectly match the precise rhythm of the verses. Spiros prefers grey days to sunny ones. When the sun disappears and the island becomes unusually nostalgic and silent, you will see him roaming around on his Vespa looking for a place to sit, read and paint.

See his collections:

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an ardent reader; a bookworm. Known also as bibliophagist, a book-eater, or devourer of books.