Chiara Aliotta and Spiros Baras at their offce. Photo by Eutixia Sigala.

We believe in the discrete influence of repetition in our daily life. A book read by different people, at different times, is a story brought to life ad infinitum.

Chiara and Spiros

For every story the biggest challenge we experience is to being able to create original artworks. We don't want a simple representation of the literary work but an immersive experience close to the one offered by the book. It’s not as simple as it may seem. It’s definitely a long process of discovering and probably the most exciting part of our work.


There is no rule here. It’s a personal choice for each one of us.
Reading a book may take us a few days, months or, when it comes to big stories, even years! We read it again and again…
We are chronic book sniffers*. We love the smell of the ink on paper and for this reason we only use books and not their digital reproductions (e-books).
We pinch and add stickers to the pages. We underline concepts and add notes. The book changes shape and form in our hands, it becomes old, used and, most of all, ours.   

We are also seasoned book-bosomed**  and wherever we go, we make sure to have a book with us. For some stories we may need to travel to look for more inspiration. Sometimes we need to visit places described in the book itself to grab a detail that we will later use in our artwork.

The Pattern Tales: choosing a book.

The Pattern Tales: artworks and colours


To decide how many artworks we will create for each book is not an easy decision. However it is necessary to keep the project growing.

The choice of colours play a big part in too. Sometimes colours jump out at us from the story itself as described by the writer. Sometimes, we decide on the colour palette based on the mood and the feelings the book was able to evoke.
Whatever the approach, one thing is a must: colours in the same series should be as harmonious as the words on the page.


The third and last step before printing is to turn the chosen passages of the book into digital format. In this case, the process is different for each one of us. As a designer, Chiara prefers sketching a little bit on paper and then moves to Illustrator to refine the details and create the motif. Spiros has a more artistic approach. He incorporates drawings and watercolours by scanning and layering them to create the final artwork on the computer.

The final step is printing! We print our artworks on demand, guaranteeing that each edition is limited. Each print is numbered and signed by the artist and is shipped with a certificate of authenticity, also dated and signed by the artist.

The Pattern Tales: digital transformation

book's lovers vocabulary

Book sniffers:
a person that has the uncontrollable need to smell books.
Book-bosomed: people who can’t manage to go anywhere without a book.