Chiara Aliotta and Spiros Baras. Photo by Eutixia Sigala.

The Project

The Pattern Tales began out of a wish of ours: to keep the feelings that a story is able to create alive, even after the book finds its place back on the shelf.

The Pattern Tales is a project dedicated to the creation of literature inspired original digital prints.
Working with two different styles and approaches in mind, our artworks may be figurative and/or abstract but they all share a key visual element: the use of pattern or the concept of repetition. We also want our original artworks to be affordable. This is why we chose digital printing as a medium with limited prints.

key visual element
The Key Visual Element

Each single detail in our artworks creates a complex rhythm, a flow, that only words on a page can imitate. By choosing pattern and repetition as our narrative visual elements, we discovered a new way to experience books and stories. We believe in the discrete influence of repetition in our daily life. A book read by different people, at different times, is a story brought to life ad infinitum.

We value quality

There are two initial facts to be considered when ensuring the longevity of a digital print: the inks used and the paper. We proudly use the Epson SureColor P600 printer, loaded with nine professional quality pigment-based UltraChrome HD inks. The printing process happens in our own studio and no third parties are involved. All our artworks are printed on Epson Velvet Fine Art Paper or Awagami Bamboo Paper. We control and check everything: the depth of the colours, the temperature and also the humidity of the environment.

Considering the whole process and the time we dedicate to each print, we are not afraid to say that we create original affordable artworks of great quality and value.

Once you purchase one of our prints, be sure to display it to its maximum effect and store it appropriately.
Feel free to ask us about anything you would like to know about our artworks and the story behind them, how to frame them or preserve their quality. We are always happy to assist and be in touch.