Chiara Aliotta and Spiros Baras. Photo by Eutixia Sigala.

About us

Our Story

The Pattern Tales is the love child of Chiara Aliotta, founder of the creative agency Until Sunday and Spiros Baras, painter and illustrator.
It is a project dedicated to the illustration of books and to the creation of original limited-edition prints available to purchase.
All works are based on or inspired by different books and for each one of these books a series of artworks is created employing the notion of pattern or repetition as the key visual element.

Our artworks

All works intended for printing are original and partially or entirely created on the computer.
Every artwork is digitally printed in a limited number of impressions, using professional quality pigment-based inks on acid-free, archival, 100% cotton paper.
All limited-edition prints are numbered and hand signed by the artist.

Our guarantee

The IFPDA (International Fine Print Dealers Association) defines an original print as a work of art on paper which has been conceived by the artist to be realized as a print, rather than as a reproduction of a work in another medium.
All of our prints are original digital works of art intended for printing. A detailed original certificate of authenticity with the title, edition size, paper type, printer type, ink type and date printed is included with each print, signed and dated by the artist.