Delicious Autumn, when everything bursts with beauty and grace.

Colourful notebooks to add to your collection!

Our set of 2 notebooks are the perfect companions for your creative ideas and thoughts.

In designing these notebooks, we got inspired by the adventures of Odyssea, the main protagonist of the epic Greek myth written by Homer.
Featuring colourful patterns from our famous series, Odyssey, they come with 120 unlined pages, kept together by a strong glue binding so that all the pages (and so your ideas) stay together for a long time!

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On a mission to do a great deal of good, together!

Although we were in lockdown throughout the whole of spring, our creativity found a way to go outside in the sunshine, express itself, and discover new opportunities.

That’s why you’ll find our shop bursting with brand new products, in the form of everyday objects you will love.
But that’s not all. By purchasing them, you will also help to bring love and happiness to others.

On the picture, Doctor Manolis Vorrisis, wearing our Behemoth t-shirt and holding 2 little rescued kittens ready for adoption. ;) 

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The Master and Margarita

eccentric, elegant and witty, each artwork is an exploration of the duality of life.
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Mansfield Park

a sophisticated collection of limited edition Victorian-style prints, inspired by Jane Austen's classic novel.
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The Records of a Weather-Exposed Skeleton

an elegantly minimal series of digital prints, inspired by Matsuo Bashō's ancient haiku.
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one of the oldest stories of all time, Homer's masterpiece is re-imagined in a haze of contemporary light and colour.
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The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

an original watercolour-based interpretation of the lyrical eighteenth-century poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge.
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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

the whimsical world of Lewis Carroll takes a bold and artistic turn (curiouser and curiouser!).
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The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

nine original pieces that represent an intensely personal illustration of William Blake's iconic texts.
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The Art of the Everyday

These eye-catching and minimal T-shirts are completely original!

Inspired by two of the most vivid scenes in The Master and Margarita, the designs encapsulate the energy, humour, and philosophical depth of this classic and enduring story.

We always thrive to deliver high quality, expertly styled, and responsibly manufactured products.

For this reason, our t-shirts are created from 100% combed certified organic cotton (following the Global Organic Textile Standards) and fair trade certified by the Fair Wear Foundation.

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More than just prints...

Work with us

We love to collaborate with people who share our passion for beautiful stories and original details.

So if you are an author looking for someone to illustrate your book, or you need unique visuals for your product, we want to hear from you!

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Add a spark of joy to your property

Our limited-edition prints are a wonderful excuse to brighten and decorate the walls of your office, or provide a pleasingly aesthetic touch to your hotel rooms.

That’s why we’ve introduced a special deal for enlightened businesses and hotel owners who place a bulk order with us.

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