Take your mind out of those dark clouds, with our joyous new arrivals!

Time for tea?

Everybody knows that tea-time is the most refined and relaxing part of the day!

So, if you’ve been searching for new ways to add colour and elegance to your tea-time, whether you’re at home or in the office, then look no further.

These original coasters are here to add a spark of joy to your tea party… or coffee break.

Inspired by the best-loved prints from our collections, these rich motifs have been carefully printed onto white Greek marble, with matt surfaces that are conveniently washable and waterproof (read: spill-proof!)

Cut and polished by hand, and with plenty of love, these stunning coasters can also be given as an original, limited-edition gift.

(Psst... when we say “limited-edition”, we mean it. There are only 20 available, so you’d better be quick!)

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Take note of new and bright ideas!

The fantastical, endlessly charming garden of Calypso has inspired our new set of notebooks.

Strong, colourful, and with plenty of crisp, white pages, these notebooks will boost your imagination, bringing the warm Greek summer breeze to your creative flow!

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Wings that let your imagination soar into the clear blue sky!

This elegant artbook pays homage to Ino, the mythical Sea Goddess from Homer’s classic poem. She saved Odysseus from drowning in the sea, offering him a veil that allowed him to swim to safety.

These gorgeously thick, blank pages will give wings to your ideas, decluttering your thoughts so that your mind can swim freely to the shore!

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Get ready to spend time in the fresh, open air!

What makes a day spent outside feel truly unforgettable?

The right company is crucial, of course. Yet the fresh air itself is well-known to inspire new ideas and projects.

And we’ve got just the right combination of accessories to help you make the most of the Great Outdoors!

For example, why not take with you your beautiful Polyphemus artbook to help bring your best ideas to life, before they fade away indoors?

Our lovely Black Magic t-shirt will keep you feeling fresh – not to mention stylish! – on those warm spring walks.  Organic cotton lets your skin breathe, whilst also protecting it from the rays.

Oh, and our Circe tote bag is so spacious, that you can bring everything you need for apicnic or a lazy walk in the park.

The pure, minimalist design will make you look completely on-trend, whatever else you happen to be wearing!