Celebrate peace and resilience in this fresh new year!

Hope and optimism begins with a good laugh!

For us, books have been a ‘safety valve’ of sorts, helping to release the tension of these last few months.

Specifically, the fantastical story of The Master and Margarita kept us feeling confident and optimistic, offering plenty of opportunities for fun and laughter, even when 2020 let us down.

For this reason, we wanted to begin 2021 with a suitable tribute to this wonderful Russian novel. So, we’ve added a set of five unique small prints to our collection.

Printed on luxurious paper, each card comes with its own envelope, so you can determine its fate… whether sent to someone special in the post, or beautifully framed on your wall.

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Over the Russian Sky

With public transport off the agenda for so many, how about using a magic broom to travel instead, and reach the people we love dreamily at night?

In this, we take our inspiration from the heroine of The Master and Margarita, who is famously transformed into a witch. Her only intention is to see her lover, the Master, again.

Riding her broom, Margarita flies gracefully over the colourful city of Moscow, almost unobserved, to attend Satan's sensuous, extravagant ball, and be proclaimed a Queen!

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The Master and Margarita

eccentric, elegant and witty, each artwork is an exploration of the duality of life.
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Mansfield Park

a sophisticated collection of limited edition Victorian-style prints, inspired by Jane Austen's classic novel.
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The Records of a Weather-Exposed Skeleton

an elegantly minimal series of digital prints, inspired by Matsuo Bashō's ancient haiku.
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one of the oldest stories of all time, Homer's masterpiece is re-imagined in a haze of contemporary light and colour.
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The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

an original watercolour-based interpretation of the lyrical eighteenth-century poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge.
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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

the whimsical world of Lewis Carroll takes a bold and artistic turn (curiouser and curiouser!).
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The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

nine original pieces that represent an intensely personal illustration of William Blake's iconic texts.
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To our faithful companions, with love.

We have lived through an extremely unusual and often heart-breaking time, but our pets have celebrated 2020 by spending much more snuggle-time with us at home.

For this reason, we feel it’s high time to honour and thank our beloved pets for their loving and tireless companionship… don't you think?

For dog lovers
Here we choose to celebrate Argos, Odysseus’s beautiful and faithful dog, who waited patiently for his master’s return.

For cat people
Irreverent and funny, we cannot forget the Cheshire Cat's wide, ominous, and iconic grin, when Alice asks him which way to go.

For lovers of our whole animal kingdom!

Dogs and cats are not the only pets, of course. Many people enjoyed the company of their fluffy rabbits, their serene fish, and their cute canaries, for example.

So, we feel that the White Rabbit of Alice in Wonderland is a wonderful symbol to honour every one of our animal friends.

More than just prints...

Work with us

We love to collaborate with people who share our passion for beautiful stories and original details.

So if you are an author looking for someone to illustrate your book, or you need unique visuals for your product, we want to hear from you!

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Add a spark of joy to your property

Our limited-edition prints are a wonderful excuse to brighten and decorate the walls of your office, or provide a pleasingly aesthetic touch to your hotel rooms.

That’s why we’ve introduced a special deal for enlightened businesses and hotel owners who place a bulk order with us.

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